Must include, Reduce, Never include foods in pregnancy period

Why pregnancy diet is important?

Most of you have received pieces of advice like “You must eat for two”. But there is no such thing. Your tiny baby only needs more calories than your regular meals from your second trimester onwards. Generally, a healthy diet is necessary for pregnant women.

We can divide the diet plan into three:

⇒  Must include

⇒ Reduce the usage

⇒ Never include

For the rest of your pregnancy journey.

 Must include in your diet

During the pregnancy period, a woman’s health and diet are the most important things that depend, when it comes to the baby’s health. The doctor will prescribe you multivitamins tablets but it is very important to concentrate and choose the food.

    -Calcium  –  milk(pasteurized), yogurt- low fat plain(pasteurized), tofu, salmon

    -Folic acid (600 mcg) – Beans, like lentils, pinto beans and black beans, asparagus, leaf green veggies

    -Vitamin C (85 mg  – for who older than 19 years) –  supplements, orange juice, grapefruit juice, kiwi, broccoli

    -Vitamins D – egg yolk, salmon, milk, cod liver oil

    -Whole grains – oat meal, sandwich whole grain bread, whole- wheat pasta or brown rice,

    -Iron (27mg) – spinach, dates, fig, lean red meat, fish

    -Protein – chicken, peas, nuts, beans, seafood

    -DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid)(1000 mg) – fish oil, seaweed


    -Eggs – 1 per day

    -Dark leafy greens

    -Lean meat

    -Fully cooked meal


    -Nuts and seeds

    -Sweet potato

    -Chia seeds

 Reduce these in your Diet

    -Saturated fat- butter ghee, fatty cuts of meat, bacon, cheese

    -Caffeine – 200 mg per day is the maximum allowed

    -Fast foods

    -Ice creams

    -Junk foods


 Never have these on your diet

    -Smoking and never stand near a smoking person

    -Teratogenicity medication – male hormones, high dose of vitamin A, Alcohol, drugs

    -Reduce mercury- some fishes are high in mercury – predatory fish like shark, sword fish, king mackerel, shellfish

    -Deli meat – bacon, sausage, turkey, beef, bologna

    -Retinoid –synthetic vitamin A

    -Some medications – you have to inform the doctor about the any particular health condition you are facing or any medication you are taking.

    -Unpasteurized milk

    -Unpasteurized cheese

    -Mold cheese

    -Undercooked and raw meat or fish – sushi

Always take advices from the dietitian and gyn for best outcome. They can try to help you find the deficiencies and prepare a perfect diet plan for you.

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