Dr. Samar Hossny Hassan Soliman

She completed her Bachelor’s Degree from Cairo University in Egypt followed by Masters in Radio diagnosis from the Department of Radiology at Ain shams University – Egypt. She was also completed her Doctorate from Ain Sham university and completed the Egyptian fellowship of radiology from the Ministry of health and population. She was working as fellow in the Fetal medicine unit Cairo university . After this she complete 2 years of fellowship of Fetal imaging fellowship at Ministry of health and population.

Specialist Expertise:

• Fetal anomaly scan ,obstetric ultrasound ,3D and 4D scan .
• Fetal growth scan and doppler study .
• First trimesteric screening and early pregnancy .
• Gynecological ultrasound examination including folliclometry ,uterine ovarian exam
• 3D Gynecological exam for uterine anomalies .
• Breast mammography and ultrasound exam .
• Pediatric ultrasound ,cranial abdominal .
• X-ray studies

Achievements and Career Highlights:

• Member of Egyptian society of radiology and imaging association .
• Member of ISOUG .
• Member of Fetal medicine Foundation
• Member of European society of radiology .
• Eminent speaker in the Egyptian radiology conferences.
• Egyptian fellowship of radiology.
• Egyptian fellowship of female imaging.

Countries with Medical Licensure: Egypt, United Arab Emirates
Total years of Experience: 14 years of experience ,6 years experience as Fetal Imaging Consultant
Languages spoken: English & Arabic